Are Air Purifier Filters Recyclable? A Comprehensive Guide

Air filters are an essential part of any home, office, or other indoor space. They help to keep the air clean and free of pollutants, but what happens when it's time to replace them? Are air purifier filters recyclable? The short answer is no. Air filters generally need to be disposed of in the trash, rather than recycled. Although some of the material is recyclable (such as the paper box outside), the filter collects all kinds of waste to keep it out of the lungs, so it is garbage instead of recycling.

But why is that so? Air filters, especially disposable ones, are a product of woven fibers, which are often made of fiberglass or polyesters. These materials have proven to be difficult to recycle. Many recycling stations often remove them from the list of their recyclable materials. To keep your air cleaner working as it should, you should change the filters regularly (frequency varies by model).

But what about used filters? HEPA filters are usually made of fiberglass or a form of polyester fibers and, unfortunately, these materials are not recyclable. Although there may be other elements of a filter unit that are technically recyclable, removing them will involve tearing apart a dirty filter. And who wants to handle a filter full of all the pollutants they want to remove from the air to begin with? Some parts of an air filter are recyclable, but it's rare that the entire filter is recyclable. Refer to the instructions that came with your filter and feel free to remove the recyclable parts and throw them in the recycle bin.

Discarding these air filters may not be the best solution, so you should find out if the air filters are recyclable or not. When this is done over time, air filters become unhealthy due to the particles they have filtered and absorbed.


filters and activated carbon filters are permanent, which means you should wash them every month instead of replacing them. Having to change air filters several times in a year and buying new ones can make you think of other sustainable ways to manage your air filters.

If you prefer not to go through the trouble of recycling your air filter (we understand), learn how to properly dispose of your filter safely and efficiently. HEPA filters should be discarded and replaced every six months or a year, although this metric may increase or decrease depending on use. The result of not using the right air filters is that improperly adjusted air filters will leave room for unfiltered air, which will affect the quality of the air you are breathing. Since air filters aren't recyclable and because of the air particles they contain, you can't use them for other things; the next thing to consider is whether you can throw air filters in the trash.

However, on the other hand, reusable air filters or electrostatic filters can be washed and reused. In conclusion, while it's not possible to recycle most air purifier filters, there are still ways to make sure they're disposed of properly and safely. Refer to your filter's instructions for more information on how best to dispose of it.